Stanley Development Project

Mosman has acquired a 16.5% working interest in this Project by paying 22% of the first two wells and reimbursing a small amount of previous expenditure.  

The Stanley Development Project is supported by Baja’s interpretation of 3D seismic data, integrated with substantial sub-surface well control, and legacy production information.  The first well to be drilled was Stanley-1 which occurred in July 2018.   

Stanley-1  originally flowed gas and liquid hydrocarbons (condensate).  

Stanley-1 was recompleted in March 2019 and since that time it has primarily flowed oil which is sold to a local refinery.  It is now completed in a ten foot peforation interval in a Yegua sandstone reservoir.

The Stanley-2 well was drilled in March 2019 and was immediately placed on production with flows of oil and gas.  Subsequent to the success of the recompletion of Stanley-1, the Operator plans to recomplete the Stanley-2 well at a high reservoir to focus production on oil.

Early stage planning for an additional two wells named Stanley-3 and 4 has commenced and final decisions will be made after the recompletion of Stanley-2.

Stanley-1 flow test




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