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Mosman’s strategic objective remains to identify opportunities which will provide operating cash flow and have development upside, in conjunction with exploration of existing exploration permits.



Strawn Oil Project

Located in Texas, the project consisted of 27 wells, of which several are operational and producing oil which is sold direct from the site to a local refinery at WTI less minor transport and processing charges.

Arkoma Stacked Pay Project

Mosman's wholly owned subsidiary has acquired a 27% interest in this project with options to increase to 33.3%.  The five wells at Arkoma produce oil and some gas which is sold to local refineries.

Welch Permian Basin

Located in the Permian Basin consisting of 27 existing wells of which ten are currently producing.  A feasibility study to consider horizontal drilling at Welch will be concluded in the third quarter 2018.



Amadeus Basin

Two granted permits and one application which total 5,458 sq. km. The Amadeus Basin is considered one of the most prospective onshore areas in the Northern Territory of Australia for both conventional and unconventional oil and gas, and hosts the producing Mereenie, Palm Valley and Surprise fields.


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